Shooting Video

You'll need to have a device that can capture digital movies-this could be a camcorder, digital camera, or even your cell phone! You copy the movies to you computer, and then you can either upload them as-is or edit them with software such as iMovie or Windows MovieMaker to add titles and special effects. Use your own video/photo camera to shoot your video. Download it from your camera to your computer system using the video/photo transfer software on your system or supplied with your camera. After you download your video to your computer, title it, and save it in a My Video/photo file or another place where you can easily locate it.


To upload your video at Youload, log in at the site, and click on the link titled "My Video." Now click on the right side link titled "Upload Video." Fill out the entries on the form however you would like. Click the "Browse" button on your computer to view all files. Find the video file you would like to upload to Youload. When you find that file, highlight it and click on "Open" or "Select." The title and location of your file will be entered in the upload form. Complete the remaining entries as you like, read the posting rules, and then click on "I Agree, Upload My File" or "Cancel" if you decide not to upload it.

How Long Will It Take?

The amount of time it takes to upload depends on the speed of your computer and Internet connection. When completed, you will see a screen that says "Congratulations, your upload was successful." After this, Youload will process your file and as quickly as possible make it visible in your personal video archive file. You will receive an email confirmation immediately when this occurs. You can then see your video, invite others to view it, or go on to the other steps to link your video to other websites for viewing there.

Do I have to sign up to upload videos?

Yes. Since videos are attached to your profile, you must sign up as a member to upload videos. Becoming a member also allows you to save videos, create playlists, and leave comments, among many other features.

How long do my videos stay on Youload?

Videos stay on Youload until the members who uploaded them choose to take them down. Videos which violate the terms of use and have been flagged may be taken down by Youload.

How long can my video be?

There is no limit on the length of any video on Youload.

What video file formats can I upload?

Youload accepts video files from most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones in the avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .dvr-ms, .mpe, .mp4, .mp2, .asx, .asf, .wmv, .3g2, .3gp, and .divx file formats.

Is there a limit to how much I can upload?

We don't limit you on the number of videos you upload. So upload as many videos as you'd like-it's more content for the Youload community to enjoy!